Food…how many of us eat it?

Coming from an African Family, and being first generation African American the food from Botswana has not drifted too far from my diet back in the states. Check out some of the awesome local dishes some of us volunteers get to experience:
Phaletšhe is pictured on the left, chicken is pictured at the top right, and morogo is pictured on the bottom right
Morogo (mo-row-ho)
Morogo are leaves from beans that are cooked similar to spinach. Tomatoes and onions are normally added to the dish to provide additional flavor.
Phaletšhe (pa-lay-she)
Phaletšhe is pictured on the left in the photo above. It is made out of corn and tastes similar to foo foo. Corn is the staple crop in Botswana, which is similar to the United States. Unlike the United States, sugar is still used in most products in Botswana
Motogo is porridge made out of sorghum. According to Wikipedia, sorgum is a genus of grass that is raised for grain. It can be found in countries with warm weather. Motogo reminds me of oatmeal, rice pap, or porridge made in the states.  
Kabu is pictured on the left,
dithotse is pictured at the bottom right,
manoko is pictured at the top right
Kabu (Ka-bu)
Kabu is dried corn. It is cooked than air dried in the sun.
Dithotse (dee-clo-say)
Dithotse are dried and salted watermelon seeds. They remind me of sunflower seeds.
Manoko (ma-no-ko)
Manoko are peanuts…enough said 😀
 Dikogbe (di-kho-bey)
Dikogobe is a dish made from beans and sometimes kabu. The dish reminds me of cooked black eyed peas. In fact, sometimes black eyed peas are used to make this dish.
Magwinya (Ma-gween-ya) aka Fat Cakes

Fat cakes are like donuts. They are made out of dough, sugar, and yeast. They are an awesome dessert and taste great with soup.

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