Things I fail to admit that I like to do since I arrived here in Botswana

I have gained some new and restarted some old hobbies since I have been in Botswana. I thought I share with you some of those hobbies.

Making Preparations for Having a Chicken – For some odd reason I feel I will not get as attached to a chicken as I would a dog or cat. Yet, I have made a bed for my chicken. Thought of names for the girl, and even talked about getting one with close friends.

Update: I was able to successfully buy a chicken last week (March 16, 2012). Her name was Chicken Patty. Unfortunately, I am unable to find her 🙁



Making Yogurt – Yeah I said it! Somehow I am infatuated with trying to make yogurt with the right consistency as the ones we buy in the store. I love that I am getting closer to my goal.


Cooking – I once again do not have a microwave, but this time I am in a country where it’s a norm. I find myself cooking a lot. I miss fast food, but when I start craving hamburgers, french fries, or pizza, I just make them.


Working Out – Ok, maybe just dancing around my house in cute clothes is what I consider working out. I enjoy watching Zumba on my laptop, and I have even mastered jumping rope in my living room. 


Drawing – I have always hated coloring, but luckily I have a sweet neighbor who color’s all the pictures I draw. So I enjoy drawing for her. Sometimes I even allow her and her friends to provide me with requests. 

All and all, I have no issue living by myself. My biggest fear here is actually meeting people since I have to force myself to use Setswana. Luckily, I am an outdoor person, so it is a matter of just pushing myself to do it.

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