IST – Overview

I have been in the country for officially 7 months (Victory Leap :D). In late January, my fellow volunteers and I attended our In-Service Training. Prior to these two weeks most of us were in our communities learning as much as possible in order to understand the issues and opportunities our communities currently face. Our training was held at a hotel, and I must admit hotel amenities were a wonderful get away experience for all of us.
Workshops were held each day to provide an opportunity for us to learn about each other’s site, collaborate, learn about current services offered in Botswana, and learn new skills (Strategic Planning and Project Management and Design).
Leaving IST has made me excited and a bit fearful of what lies ahead. Surprisingly, I remember having this same feeling when I graduated high school. There are many choices/opportunities that I have today and for my remainder of my time here. For example, I have the choice to be my best, or the choice to be lazy; the choice to live out of my new comforts or the choice to grow as a person. One thing is for sure, I like my choices 😀

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