Why I Joined the Peace Corps

Telling other people that I have joined the Peace Corps have caused many reactions. Some that I have not anticipated, and others that have been really receptive. I have a wonderful career as a Software Engineer, and I can understand why to some this change can be surprising so I thought I write this post.

It wasn’t for the money

    • As I get older, the importance of money has become more evident in my life. Bills are surely the luxury of being an adult, but that’s not why I joined the Peace Corps. I am sure that is obvious to everyone who reads this post

It wasn’t for the benefits

    • While the Peace Corps provides many benefits (loan cancellation, re-adjustment allowance, the opportunity to travel to another country). The benefits were never the reason that encouraged me to join.
I was in middle school when I wanted to join the Peace Corps. At that time there was conflict in Sierra Leone. Before the blood diamond conflict became news to the media, my mom would receive BBC tapes from London that aired the conflict. That day my small world got so much bigger. I realized that we don’t hear all the news. I felt helpless…

It was my sister who told me about Peace Corps. One day I had expressed to her how I wished I could do something, and she shared to me that there are global organizations that I can join and all I needed to do was research. That night I did that and actually attempted to join the Peace Corps that day. Unfortunately, you can’t be in middle school to join. So I made it a life goal.
I will admit goals do change, and after being differed, the goal became to help Africa, join another organization to help Africa, etc. But through my journey I have learned that no one knows God’s time. 
So why did I join the Peace Corps:
Simple, I felt I have been very fortunate in my life, and joining Peace Corps would provide me the opportunity to help others who may not necessarily have the resources to succeed readily available to them. America is a great country, and sometimes we fail to realize how great our opportunities are in this country. I hope my time in Botswana I will have the opportunity to share and equip others the knowledge I have gained through my experiences in order to make an impact in their goals. I don’t want to save the world, but my goal is to help where I can and make friends along the way. 
I hope those reading this post in Botswana will be open and willing to share their culture and knowledge with me, and that along the way we are able to learn, grow, understand/respect, and most importantly create a long lasting friendship.
ke tla go bôna kgantele

2 thoughts on “Why I Joined the Peace Corps

  1. Finda, I have shared your blog and related information with my friend Lolo in Botswana:
    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001385781533&sk=info here is Lolo’s Facebook profile link.
    Lolo Madikgetla
    Studied at AAA School of Advertising CT
    Lives in Gaborone, Botswana
    Knows Mandarin Chinese, Setswana, English, British Sign Language
    From Gaborone, Botswana
    You will notice, as I did, Lolo’s expertise and interest in the deaf community of Botswana.
    She has a goal of establishing entrepreneurial enterprises for the deaf there, and elsewhere.
    Especially given your ties to RIT and at least indirectly to NTID, I strongly encourage you to meet Lolo and to exchange information.


  2. Finda,

    Thanks for writing this blog! I’m also a software developer and I’ve been thinking about Peace Corps ICT program for a while. Good luck with your trip! Can’t wait to read more about your experience!


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