Botswana Top 5 Items to Pack #3

Item #3: Humor(Laughter and Jokes)

   I am aware that by accepting my invitation to Botswana I will have the opportunity to learn a new culture, language, tradition, history, and experience AWESOME Adventures. While I will make sure to be open minded and not to bring any assumptions (Item #5), I will be bringing my sense of humor and sometimes lame jokes. As ridiculous as things may seem in my eyes, I will learn to laugh and be in the moment. The Peace Corps is a wonderful opportunity, and I personally think humor will be key for me to assist in helping me with stressful situations. Smiling, laughter, and jokes is a great way to connect with people. Whether its sharing past memories that make a person laugh, to moments I may find myself, humor will definitely be key.


2 thoughts on “Botswana Top 5 Items to Pack #3

  1. I Agree, a smile is a universal sign of acceptance. and laughter can always be recognized no matter what language you speak. i love this item pack lots of laughter on way and when come back.

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