Tips on Conserving Water

Listed below are some tips that can be utilized if you are ever in a situation where you have little to no water or where you are using stored water. Please attempt to conserve as much water as possible in order to ensure that you get the most out of your water. This includes being conscious of water going down the drains.

Tips on Conserving Water:

1. Water should be first used to drink and wash-up

1a: Ensure that you have enough water to drink throughout the day/week/month

1b: Rain water is a good source of water when water is scarce

1c: Depending on where you obtain your water it may have to be boiled

1d: It is ideal to bucket bath in a basin in order to ensure to conserve the most amount of water

3. Bath water or the remainder of the water that is not being utilized for bathing and washing can be used to clean or flush the toilet (depending on the cleanliness of the water). If your bath water is extremely dirty use it to the flush the toilet, but if it is somewhat clean it can be used to mop or clean around the house. Do not add too many additional chemicals to the water when cleaning. Usually adding more soap to the water is enough to clean around the house.

4.  Water that was used for cleaning can be thrown into a garden. Soap suds can help deter bugs from flowers.


Water is precious. Water is Life. Conserve Water.



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