My Ex- Roommate

There is a lizard in this picture can you find him?

His name was Jack. He was illegally living with me for two weeks. I had no idea he was living here until I decided to clean one weekend. We met each other screaming and running from each other. Him running because he got spotted and me running because I spotted a lizard.

After calling friends and calming myself down.  I realized his stay wasn’t so bad. He could eat all the bugs, but he wasn’t. He was a lazy lizard. I am not sure what he was eating or maybe I was too fast in cleaning the bugs.

But all I know is one Saturday morning I had the door open and he walked out. He looked back at me and I looked at him, no longer being afraid of his presence, and he walked away.
Dear Ex-Roommate,
  If you should one day read this, I just wanted to say I hope you didn’t leave any lizard poop anywhere because I am never going near the box I found you in again.

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