June 15 – TeachAIDS Day

This past Friday was TeachAIDS Day in Botswana. TeachAIDS is an interactive flash animation that teaches kids about HIV/AIDS. It is a non-profit organization that produces HIV/AIDS related material that utilizes local norms and analogies. I especially enjoy knowing that this tool utilized local celebrity voices for the characters in the video. The tool also went as far as ensuring characters accurately reflected the Batswana (the people of Botswana) in terms of looks and mannerisms. On an overall, It is a great tool and I have been using it since we were presented the tool during our In-Service Training. 

On TeachAIDS Day we were all tasked with the goal of presenting TeachAIDS to the community. I collaborated with two volunteers to present TeachAIDS at a primary school, and to health workers in a nearby village. On an overall, the day went smoothly, we had all the necessary tools and resources (transportation, speakers, laptop, and projector) to present the tool in the community. Here are some photo’s from that day:

The kids watching TeachAIDS in the school’s cafeteria
Diana asking some discussion questions after the video

Learn more about TeachAIDS at: www.teachaids.org
Check out YouTube video clips of TeachAIDS at: www.youtube.com/user/TeachAIDS  

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