Colder in Botswana

This morning I woke up to hearing water leaking from my roof. Apparently, my geyser broke that night, and I became the lucky resident with a leaky roof. What is a geyser, you might ask? A geyser is similar to a water heater. Water is either heated by sunlight or electricity at my house. It is located on my roof. Prior to today, I was living a great Posh Corps. Posh Corps is a term used to describe Peace Corps Volunteers who have some amenities that are similar to people currently living in the United States. I have a two bedroom house with indoor plumbing. What more could I ask for? Well today I know that answer, hot water. There is nothing like taking a hot shower or bath. Prior to coming to my site I was accustomed to heating my water over the stove, and filling the tub or a bucket with half hot water and half cold. It was not a very tedious task, but having a geyser made things very simple.

Gone are the days of little to no effort when preparing for a bath. I am very saddened by this fact as winter is already here.

Cold in Botswana,

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