Botswana Top 5 Items to Pack #4

Item #4: A reminder to focus on the people

This idea/item was instilled upon my heart by my friend’s father. While there may be many things going on concerning the politics of a country, it is important that I remain steadfast and focus on the people. I joined the Peace Corps because I am a humanitarian and I enjoy helping other people. This can be easily forgotten while I am away as it is a known fact that volunteering for 2 years will be an interesting challenge. No wonder a tagline you often hear associated with Peace Corps is “The Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love.” ┬áIt is important to have a base or idea that I can look to in order to be reminded of why I originally joined the Peace Corps. This will be helpful when I need motivation or courage to overcome a challenge. That reminder will be that very advice I was given, which is to focus on the people.


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