My first care package

While several of the volunteers have gotten care packages throughout their service and training, I have officially received my first care package about 10 months into my service. I am so excited about this first care package that I felt it was blog worthy material. So bear with me 😀
(Thinks back…)
It was a sunny day on July 5, 2012. I think it was about 8am when I had just arrived in the office when one of my coworkers said I had a package. I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. “I have a package…this can’t be true,” I remarked to myself, but two seconds later my coworker handed me a package. After seeing the package, I jumped for joy. Usually, I receive monthly mail from Peace Corps, but today, I received a package all the way from America. I was so ecstatic, I was tempted to hang the packaging up in my house. “My very first package,” I said to myself. I examined the packaging. “Hmmm, snacks, I wonder what kind,” I said as I read the postage slip. I slowly opened the package and carefully pulled the contents out. I received a letter and some snacks from my dear friend Dupe!
Dupe your so awesome. Thank you very much for being the first to send me a care package.
A photo of a very happy Finda
Much love,


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