Happy Anniversary to Bots 11 and Me

I remember the night before heading to Philadelphia. I was so nervous. My mom and I were packing, and arguing about what things I could pack and could not. I had to leave most of my books home and a picture frame that I wanted to put in my house. We finally finished at 6am, and by 9am I was rushing to CVS to find one or two little items that I needed.

This day was finally here, I was going to be a Peace Corps Volunteer. I was leaving my 
family, friends, and a pet at home and going to a place of uncertainty. Whenever I thought about my life in Botswana, all I could see was black. I was fine with not assuming my living circumstance as friends who were RPCV’s always advised me to not assume anything, and to embrace this moment.

As I sit here on a beautiful Saturday morning, I can surely say I have embraced this moment. The many emotions I have felt, my highs and lows, and the wonderful adventures. A year has taught me a lot about myself, and my wonderful community. I am proud to say I have another year to spend with this wonderful community, but another part of me is anxious and scared. There is still so much to do, and can I really do it all in a year?

In another year I will be making the courageous step of returning home. I truly am saddened at the thought of leaving my new friends and family. This journey I have been on has taught me that I am adaptable, and sometimes the most precious and beautiful moments are in fact being in the moment. I live a very basic life, but yet I am still content. I am happy to be living my dream.

I do miss my family and friends back at home, but I am proud to say that I know they will always be there for me. That simple thought sustains me.

In some crazy, ridiculous way, I know all things will work out.

Happy One Anniversary!!!!

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