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My name is Ihudiya Finda Ogburu. I am a recent graduate of Harvard University. Previously, I was an ICT Local Government Capacity Building Volunteer. I did what my community needed me to do within reason and within my skill set (some new and old). As an ICT Peace Corps Volunteer I enjoyed capacity building my community concerning computers and empowering youth. I lived in a sub-district with over 47,000 people. The office I was aligned to and myself were responsible for coordinating HIV/AIDS related activities alongside the Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organizations within the district. People in my sub-district were spread across 24 different villages, with some as far as 3 hours away. My office was specifically responsible for overseeing the proper implementation of activities/events through proper protocol, financially, and through active monitoring and evaluation of the health statistics and feedback by collaborating organizations. I worked with my office in order to assist them in working more efficiently through the use of computers. My time was split between my office and the Letlhakeng Community.


Empowering other people and volunteering is something I am passionate about.  Check out my Peace Corps adventures and lessons learned on my blog. Feel free to drop me a line at: ihudiyaogburu [at]

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